(What is HTTP proxy? How can I find out the name of my HTTP proxy?)

HTTP proxy is a server that is routing client HTTP requests (usually coming from their Web Browser) to the Internet.
Socks2HTTP needs to know about HTTP proxy to be able to access the Internet. <br>
The easiest way to find out what is your
HTTP proxy is to look at your Web browser settings.
If you use IE you can get info about it from
Main Menu/Tools/Internet Options/Connections/Lan Settings.
If you use Netscape it is in Main Menu/Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Proxies.

We are working on automating this process as well as using some other methods to find an http proxy. Eventually this functionality will be built into the program, for now here is the utility to try:

If you still can't find the proxy you can try this advanced method: In your web browser open the following URL: It will keep your connection to HTTP proxy open for 2 minutes.
Open a DOS window and run "netstat" (without quotes).
It will list your current TCP connections.
One of the connections is between your computer and HTTP proxy.
HTTP proxies usually use ports: 80, 8080, 3128.

(What is HTTP proxy? How can I find out the name of my HTTP proxy?) is mentioned on: What should be on "Proxy Configuration" Tab? (Socks2HTTP Configuration Menu)

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